Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is the other half of the BCCCS where members may access an array of natural health care services as a complement or preference to allopathic medicine. Operating since 1999, our Wellness Centre is one of the most important ways we serve our membership and create our model of non-profit community-based health care.

Currently, treatment from our licensed practitioners is available in the following modalities: acupuncture, counselling, nutrition, herbal medicine, Reiki, craniosacral and massage therapy, and yoga. Please inquire about expected wait list times.

Typically these services can be expensive to access since they are not covered under provincial health care plans (acupuncture has recently been included). Part of our non-profit model for over a decade has been to use revenue from cannabis sales to subsidize greater access to affordable natural healthcare.

At the Wellness Centre, members access treatments on a sliding scale with a minimum $20 donation per visit. Our members can also purchase vitamins, nutritional supplements, as well as herbal teas and formulas produced from organic and wild-crafted herbs, at a reduced cost.

In 2015, the BCCCS subsidized 95% of the actual cost of providing over 3000 treatments to almost 500 members in our Wellness Centre.