Information about high-concentration oils, shatter, budder and wax.

High-concentration oil

Amber or Honey Oil is for smoking/vaporizing and the Compassion Oil for edible/topical use. The Compassion Oil is made using the same process as Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears; however our oil is made using food-safe ethyl alcohol instead of naptha (which contains benzene and toluene).

Shatter, budder and wax

All of these are concentrate extractions that use a variety of solvents for extraction purposes, however, are popularly termed butane hash oil extractions (BHOs) regardless of presence or use of butane in the extraction process. BHO’s are concentrated cannabis extracts that offer potent levels of cannabinoids. Like most producers of BHO’s, we suggest 90% butane to extract these because it is more efficient than alcohol. Although purging process of the final product is used to remove as much of the butane as possible, we recommend that these are not used as edible products. For those who have health concerns around smoking/vaporizing butane, the amount remaining in the product is similar to that ingested during regular lighter use. If you do not use butane lighters for health reasons, then avoid BHOs.


Another term used to describe the consistency of a BHO concentrate. This is a see-through concentrate that cracks or pulls and snaps at room temperature.

Wax and budder

These are made by whipping the extract as the butane is being purged. They are also extracted at a higher heat than shatter. Wax and budder are of the same potency but a different look and feel, literally more like the consistency of wax or butter.

Using extracts

Extracts are for patients that need heavier doses. Using them cuts down on the amount of smoking/vaporizing required to get the effect. Vaporizing extracts is known as “dabbing.” Distro carries special bowls, bongs and vaporizers for dabbing. Using shatter, budder or wax in a regular joint or bowl wastes some of the product.

Using Extracts in Vape Pens

Vape Pens are an excellent way to use a number of our high-potency cannabis extracts. They are perfect for extracts which liquefy when heated however, not all extracts should be used in pens.

We recommend using pens for:

  • Any BHO(Butane-extracted Hash Oils), including budders, shatters and crumbles
  • Honey oil

We do not recommend using pens with Compassion Oil or High CBD Oil. These extracts produce carbon buildup in your device which will lead to the elements being clogged and not heating properly. This usually results in the coil or element needing to be replaced. Compassion Oil and High CBD Oil are typically used orally or topically, or sometimes spread on a paper or dropped onto a bud for smoking.