Each new member participates in a hour-long intake session. During this we collect detailed information regarding conditions, symptoms, use of other medications, previous experiences with cannabis, and other relevant information about health and well-being. This information assists us in providing the highest quality of service possible.

New members also receive an orientation to the Club and our services. Their rights and responsibilities within the organization are reviewed in order to promote a safe, friendly and secure environment, respect of our neighborhood, and smooth daily operations.

Members must sign a consent form in which they take responsibility for their decision to use cannabis, and agree not to redistribute the cannabis procured by us for their own personal use.

There is also an educational component of the intake session that focuses on the safe and effective use of cannabis. Members are also made aware of the  current laws and political climate.  It is important that people using cannabis as a medicine are equipped with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Please bring with you to the intake session:

  1. A piece of photo ID
  2. A list of your medications (if you have any)
  3. Cash: $15 for registration and as needed for what you would like to purchase

If you would like more information on cannabis, read through and watch the videos in our About Medical Cannabis section, as well as its subsections.