Like other non-profit societies, the BCCCS is always in need of support. Unlike most other non-profits, the BCCCS is not eligible for most of the regular channels of funding and support due to the current cannabis laws.

Being a non-profit society that is operating in a legal grey-zone, we greatly appreciate the support we get from the community at large, beginning with the cultivators who donated medicine allowing us to first open our doors.

We would like thank all the members of  our community who have assisted us with their time, donations and moral support.

Also we would like to thank the following individuals, organizations and businesses in our community for their generous financial and in-kind support over the past year:

Although we are not a registered charity, much of the work we do involves recognized charitable activities.

If you or your organization would like to support the work we do at the BCCCS, please read more about what you can do.

(Photo is of Shane Simpson, MLA, visiting the BCCCS.