Chemical Odour Sensitivity Warning – Fresh Paint

We just painted the BCCCS dispensary on Saturday, 17 May with our colours.

This does, however, mean that the waitroom smells slightly of paint. If you have scent or chemical allergies, please be aware and call in ahead of coming in.

We have been running an air filter since Saturday and are hoping to have the BCCCS back to a scent-free zone soon.


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2015 AGM

Thanks everyone for a great AGM.

We passed a special resolution allowing staff to send AGM notices by email.

Also, we gave away many excellent prizes via raffle draw.DSC_0019

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Exploring Chronic Pain Workshop #6

Join us for the BCCCS’ Sixth Exploring Chronic Pain Workshop

Wednesday April 8, 2015

5:30-7:30pm at the Wellness Centre

We will focus on letting go of physical and emotional pain through the healing power of forgiveness and compassion. Learn new skills to help release and transform pain.

To sign up, please inquire at the Front Desk

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Vaporizers at the BCCCS

We have a large selection of vaporizers, which are a great way to ingest cannabis if you find smoking to be too harsh. With so many choices, we decided to put together a guide to the vaporizers available here.

Stok R $56

Read the Smoke Cartel review.

Magic Flight Box $130

Helpful information from Vaporpedia, and the official Youtube channel.

Arizer Air $250

Arizer Solo $235

Read the Vaporizer wiki.

Pax $250

Read about it on Vaporpedia.

Arizer Extreme $200

The Vaporpedia entry and how-to.

Maud Dib $170

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