Introducing the Compassion Oil

The Compassion Oil is made using a similar extraction method as Phoenix Tears, but with food-safe ethyl alcohol

Over the past few years we have been asked to carry Phoenix Tears. We do not because:

  1. Claims about the oil are unsubstantiated by peer-reviewed medical research
  2. We cannot without evidence endorse claims that something can cure cancer
  3. The majority of people making Phoenix Tears have not given sufficient evidence that all solvents are removed from the final product
  4. The price and quantities needed make the product do not make it financially accessible

In order to address the above concerns we are introducing our own Compassion Oil which is:

  1. Made using a similar extraction method, but instead using organic medicinal food grade ingredients and whole-plant extraction of multiple organic cannabis strains
  2. Not a cure-all but has been shown during testing to provide: quick relief of pain, increase appetite and alertness, and have a calming but uplifting effect
  3. Made using medical-grade organic alcohol which can be taken orally or topically
  4. Far more affordable and does not have to be taken in large doses
  5. Made in a closed system so it retains terpenoids which would otherwise be lost during other extraction methods

Note: This is highly concentrated medicine. Start with an extremely small dose.