Herbalism is a tradition that predates the roots of the medical system that we know today.  In herbal medicine the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and barks of a wide range of medicinal plants are used to bring about balance and health in the body.  These medicines help remind the body of how it is meant to work but don’t over-ride the natural processes of the body itself.

Our Clinical Herbalists in the Wellness Centre begin with an initial appointment of 1 ½ – 2 hours for an extensive review with you of your past and present health. This supports the practitioner in treating your body as a whole rather than one or two parts. When one part of our body is unhealthy or out of balance, this can often have a cascade effect on other parts of our body.

Upon completion of the interview, the herbalist then creates the remedies best suited to your health challenges. These could include: herbal tinctures, glycerites, teas, capsules, or aromatic waters. The herbalist may also recommend oils, creams or salves, nutritional supplements as well as dietary or lifestyle changes.

Herbal tinctures are a common form of herbal medicine and use alcohol to extract and preserve the constituents of the plant.  Herbal glycerite tinctures use vegetable glycerine to extract the constituents and is slightly less stable in its preservation ability.

Aromatic waters are herbs that have gone through steam distillation and contain constituents of the plant as well as the volatile oils. Herbal oils, salves and creams are used for topical use. Dried herbs can be infused or decocted into teas or used as inhalations.

Most of our herbalists are also Bach Flower practitioners. Bach Flower essences are used in resolving both chronic and acute emotional stress, encouraging positive expression of personality traits, and supporting self-development. Dr. Bach, medical doctor, researcher, and homeopath, developed the 38 flower essences from native plants of England. The essences are diluted to the point where there are no constituents left, only the energy of the plant.  The result is a safe, non-toxic, and non-addictive liquid that is taken orally.  They can be combined with any other medication, herb or supplement without fear of interactions.

Bach Flower essences work by transforming negative attitudes into their positive potential.  They help to peel away layers of emotions to get to the cause of the imbalance.  They do not work on physical illness or disease.  In a Bach Flower consultation the practitioner and client work together to identify the most appropriate essences for the client.  Regular consultations follow to continue the healing process.  Dr. Bach believed in simplicity and so developed this system to empower people to heal themselves.  The effect is subtle yet powerful.

Our herbalists at the Wellness Centre have access to some of the highest quality bio-regional tinctures and other herbal products in North America as well as all 38 of the Bach Flower Essences. We also carry some of the best nutritional supplements which we have always aimed to keep at a reasonable cost, so that all can afford to choose health. Come experience the natural healing of herbal medicine in our Wellness Centre.