Our counselors use a variety of modalities/ techniques to assist people in dealing with issues, such as relationships, identity, anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, traumatic events and living with illness.

Counseling is client-centered, non-judgmental, compassionate, respectful, and confidential. It is an approach designed to nurture and support client growth, and to connect mind, body and spirit.

A counselor helps someone make sense of their experience and open up possibilities for positive change by:

  • Defining issues and gathering relevant facts
  • Defining what is important
  • Defining what to do next
  • Encouraging expression of feelings and needs
  • Tapping into a client’s strengths and resources
  • Examining unhelpful habits, coping methods, self-defeating beliefs, values and attitudes
  • Exploring alternative points of view
  • Considering how their behaviour and emotional reactions affect others and themselves
  • Making decisions based on what is learned