Nutritional counselling is based on the foundations of holistic nutrition — an emerging sphere of nutrition that encompasses not only the characteristics of food, but also the quality of the food source and the holism of the client. There is a move towards personal freedom and wisdom when the individual recognizes that we are what we eat. Food not only nourishes the physical body, but also our mind and spirit.

Organic, natural, and good-quality serve as the guides to individuals wishing to improve their health. Awareness and understanding of the simplicity of our natural needs will inevitably lead to individual and collective good health. Good nutrition is not only a means to stop diseases, but a tool to create and strengthen our own immunity and overall health.

From our sessions, holistic and practical healing recommendations are provided to address each client’s specific concerns. Personalized programs include whole foods, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. Assessments of individual day-to-day diets are made to encourage nutritious eating.

Clients will be empowered to take further control of their own health through learning and building specific tools pertaining to nutrition. By understanding the relationship between food and the body, each client will be able to use wholesome nutrition as the cornerstone to good health.