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ATTN: Holistic Practitioners! Space for Rent in our Wellness Centre

The BCCCS’s Wellness Centre is opening it’s doors for rental to practitioners in the community!

We have 4 lovely session rooms suitable for counseling, energy work, nutritional consultations, bodywork etc. Some rooms include massage table and portable stereo.

Room rental rates are $40.00 per half day and $70.00 per full day.

Please contact:  604-709-0448 or for more information concerning availability schedule and room details.

FOR DOWNLOAD: Room Rental Agreement

Board of Variance votes in favour of BC Compassion Club Society to remain in its home

BoV SuccessVANCOUVER – A unanimous decision by the City of Vancouver’s Board of Variance (BOV) on April 20th means the BC Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) will not have to close its doors after providing important medicinal marijuana and holistic services for 18 years.

 “This decision comes as a great relief to our 6000 members who have been waiting, terrified for this day”, said Hilary Black, founder of the BCCCS. “The BOV understood that we are a safety net for patients falling through the cracks of the healthcare system. We have been taking care of our community 18 years. I am grateful the BOV chose to support us.”

“The heart of the issue is that we are near two schools, both of which have no opposition to our presence in the neighborhood, this is our home. Clearly the BOV has seen that we are not a threat to the public or the safety of children. Our Wellness Centre provides 3,400 health care appointments each year, and closing it would cause massive hardship on our patients.” 

The BC Compassion Club Society opened its doors in May of 1997. It provides medical cannabis as well as many holistic therapies through the Wellness Centre to a total of 6000 patients a year. 

Media inquiries call Hilary Black, Founder
BC Compassion Club Society

Unfair Tax Burdens Should be Removed

No other prescription medication is taxed, cannabis should be no different.
As you may know, the court of appeals just dismissed a tax case the BCCCS was supporting to clarify that patients should not be paying tax on medical cannabis. We have since had to start charging and remitting GST.
Please support the e-petition in Parliament asking that sales tax be removed from medical cannabis. We need your help to have an unfair tax burden removed from every single one of your purchases.
Our next step is to have the laws amended.
Want to get more involved?  Copy and paste the following on social media:
Remove the unjust tax from medical cannabis! Please sign
and share this e- petition. ( #TaxingEnough
Thank you for your support!
BC Compassion Club Staff and Board

5% GST Sales Tax on Medicine

Starting January 28, 2016, we have to apply a 5% sales tax to your medicine.

We have been fighting for 15 years to see that medical cannabis for all Canadians is deemed a medical necessity and is exempt from tax. This case, has incurred costs of hundreds of thousands and the BCCCS has been saving for 18 years to fight this fight, or pay the GST liability.

This has been a long and incredibly expensive case, the legal avenues have now been exhausted and disappointingly, we did not win.

On Monday January the 27th, the Federal Court of Appeals dismissed our appeal. The original case was in June of 2014 and we argued, essentially, that medical cannabis is a medical necessity and should there for be exempt from sales tax. We did not win the initial case and the Federal Court of Appeals also ruled against us.

The Federal Court of Appeals ignored many of the key issues and simply ruled that the Parliament could not have possibly intended for an illegal drug to be tax exempt.

Please check Lift Cannabis for the breaking report of our story or The Globe and Mail for more coverage.

What an uphill battle it has been, but we are still full of comPASSION!! There is no waver in our intentions to continue standing for patient rights and safe, affordable medicine across Canada!

Next steps, we need to lobby for legislative change.

Stay posted for updates on a campaign.


Online Menu Update

Dear Members,

We apologize for the disappearance of our menu from our website. We recognize the severe inconvenience caused by this move, but it was done on the advice of our lawyer, John Conroy, in response to Health Canada‘s recent threatening letter.

We hope this move to address Health Canada‘s request, as well as the removal of edibles to comply with City regulations, are both temporary measures pending the outcome of next month’s election.

If you are not registered to vote yet, please visit Elections Canada.

In Love & Solidarity,



Access to Edibles

Dear Members,

We regret to inform you that effective immediately, we must cease distribution of some forms of edibles from our menu.

The City of Vancouver has stipulated in order to comply with their new medical marijuana-related business licensing policies and to keep our doors open, “all edibles, except for oils, tinctures and capsules, are no longer permitted to be sold”.

As such, we can still offer a variety of beautiful infusions, and our staff will provide all the support needed to empower your self-titration as you adjust your dosage and find effective relief while switching to a new product.

As always, we are honoured to provide any member who needs guidance or support regarding dosaging, titration, recipes, or any other questions you may have about your medicine.

We acknowledge this regulation does not comply with the recent Supreme Court ruling, declaring all medical cannabis products to be legal for patients to use; however we are compelled to comply with the city’s requirement. We are working with them to find a way to stay in our current location, keep our doors open and to continue to provide you with the wide variety of healthcare services we are currently offering.

Thank you all for your continued support during this time. We love you!

In Solidarity,
All BCCCS Staff and Board