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Dark Amber Oil: Gone ’til October

Due to popular demand, our supply has not been able to keep up!

As such, we will not be offering new cartridges and used cartridge refills until after the beginning of October 2017.

Thank you to those who have tested out our new Dark Amber Oil Pre-Filled Cartridges and have given feedback to this newest addition to our menu, we will resume this service as soon as it is possible!!

Best of Vancouver 2017 – VOTE for BCCCS today!

Ballots are open and categories for dispensaries start around 40 clicks in to the survey.
Please submit your votes for the BCCCS!

Dispensary Staff  Most Knowledgeable
About The Medicinal Properties Of Cannabis

Dispensary with The Best Variety of Cannabis Oils
Dispensary with The Best Variety of Cannabis Strains
Dispensaries with The Best Potent Strains
Dispensaries with The Best Mellow Strains

Visitors Welcome!

PRINT: Visitor’s Statement

We know that diagnoses hold no prejudices, and that people of all kinds have come to require some form of access to cannabis. We also understand how difficult modern medicine can be to navigate, especially when living with an ailment, which is why our unique community health model is widely known as a safe space of healing. 

We value Empowerment, and personal autonomy when it comes to an individual’s healing journey, as such, we are pleased to invite all persons over 19+ to personally affirm their diagnosis in order to gain safe access to medicine, support and education and support our community’s healing by way of their cannabis purchases!

Benefits to becoming a Member include:
Subsidized cannabis and non-cannabis medicine and services including out of province services
Access to free monthly donation
Birthday and Member Appreciation Day Gifts
Entry to win valued prizes at Member Appreciation Events
Voting Rights at the AGMs
Opportunity to apply to the Board of Directors

Vaporizer Accessories Sale!

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The BC Compassion Club Society is a consensus-run, not-for-profit organization that meets the holistic healing needs of a large and growing community. As part of our services we operate a Wellness Centre and are looking for herbal apothecary relief. 

The position is relief/on call, likely about 1 shift per week in the summer and 1-3 shifts per month following. Flexible availability during the summer is a requirement. Starting wage is $16 per hour.

Job start date is June 26th 2017
Applications are due on May 26th 2017

Job Duties:

  • Dispensing herbal formulas including tincture blends, teas, oils, and flower essences
  • Quality control (including batch tracking)
  • Maintaining apothecary supplies including refilling, ordering, and recording inventory of herbs, supplements and supplies
  • Receiving and invoicing herbs from suppliers
  • Maintaining apothecary cleanliness (including washing glassware, dusting, etc)
  • Making herbal capsules

Desired Qualifications:

  • Clinical Herbalist training and/or experience
  • Experience dispensing herbal formulas in a busy apothecary
  • Available on short notice; flexible schedule
  • Working knowledge of European herbs and their material medica
  • Working knowledge of plants indigenous to and introduced to this area and their material medica

If you are interested in the position, please email Maryann Abbs for the application:
Submit a cover letter, resume and job application via email by Tuesday May 26, 2017.

 BCCCS Wellness Centre
Phone: 604-709-0448
For more information on our organization please check our website:

The BCCCS honours diversity in both its membership and staff and always encourages/prioritizes applications from First Nations, people of colour, people of all genders and sexual orientations.