Request for Proposal: Fundraiser

The BC Compassion Club Society is seeking a fundraising consultant to develop and implement a fundraising and/or marketing strategy to ensure the long term sustainability of the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre. The successful proposer will have excellent relationship building skills, grant writing, and marketing skills. Knowledge of the cannabis industry landscape is an asset.

Eligibility to submit:
To be considered and chosen for this project, consultants must demonstrate that they specialize in development and fundraising activities with a particular interest in non-profit organizations Consultants must be able to show that they have successfully completed services, similar to those specified in the Scope of Work section of this RFP.

The purpose of this project is to assist the BC Compassion Club to develop and implement a fundraising plan to fund the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre.

Contract Duration:
The BC Compassion Club Society intends to enter into agreements for Development and Fundraising for a one year period with the possibility of renewal for an additional year.

Proposal Schedule:
Release of request for proposal: April 18, 2017


About the BC Compassion Club Society:

The BC Compassion Club Society, a registered not-for-profit society, is a cannabis dispensary and holistic health centre. Our 20 year old organization is a unique model. All of the profits from cannabis sales go to support low cost or free holistic health treatments such as: acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, counseling, integrative energy healing, craniosacral therapy and bodywork. As such, we are one of the few points of access for affordable holistic health treatments in the Vancouver area. Our waitlists range from 1-2 years because of the scarcity of affordable treatment in this region.

While clients of the clinic are from diverse backgrounds, 95% are low-income, and live with a chronic health challenge. Many clients have mobility issues, and the clinic has worked hard to ensure that the whole space is fully wheel chair accessible.

The BC Compassion Club spends approximately $300, 000 per year to operate the Wellness Centre. Each year, we are able to offer more than 3000 subsidized appointments.

More information about the BC Compassion Club can be found at:

Please note that at this time the BC Compassion Club Society is not eligible for Charitable Status.