Annual General Meeting: Members are encouraged to attend our AGM held each Spring. If you are a member, please make sure to update your address with us if you move in order to ensure that you receive your invitation in the mail.

The Winter Party: Each winter, the BCCCS throws a party to celebrate with our community. This event, which grows bigger and merrier every year, features delicious free food, live entertainment and gifts in a supportive, community-based environment. Raffle prizes donated by our network of supporters are awarded throughout the event as part of our traditional free raffle. Because this time of year can be financially challenging for many, the BCCCS also runs a X-mas Gift Program for members’ children.

The Summer Picnic: Each summer the BCCCS hosts a summer picnic/vegetarian BBQ for members in the park, where we can share community, fresh air and sunshine.

Workshops: There have been many valuble workshops provided for free to BCCCS members. Past workshops have included:

  • Advocacy: Navigating different aspects of accessing social services
  • Smoking Tobacco Cessation Support
  • Vaporizer Demonstrations
  • Political Discussion and Action
  • Meditation
  • Diabetes information and support
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain support