The BCCCS is dedicated to supporting and initiating research that is in line with our Mission, Vision and Values. All research we participate in must meet our Ethical Standards for Research. Also visit our page on conditions and symptoms to find links to specific research.

High-Concentration Cannabis Oil – Romano and Hazekamp evaluated in detail the chemical analysis and therapeutic uses of this. This article is a must-read for those doing research on or trying to access cannabis oil.

The Accuracy of Cannabinoid Testing – as investigated by Gieringer and Hezekemp. Another must-read for anyone interested in cannabinoid testing: this article outlines the importance of lab-testing conditions that make a huge difference in getting accurate readings.

High CBD, Low THC Strains and Policy Leave Behind Patients – a piece by the Marijuana Policy Project advocating for whole plant use. This article breaks the myth that CBD alone is what helps control and manage symptoms.

The Use of Cannabinoids in Pain Treatment – a 2009 report from the Canadian Pain Society Meeting by Mark Ware examines.

Cannabis Use Improved Retention and Virological Outcomes in Patients Treated for Hepatitis C – a 2006 study.

Cannabis as Therapy for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Our Right, Our Choice – Canadian AIDS Society put together a comprehensive paper on patients with HIV/AIDS and access to cannabis. It is a thorough guide for folks with HIV/AIDS as well as organizations working with them.

Cannabis in Cancer Care – an extensive research piece on the history and current science behind cannabis use for cancer.

Cannabinoids Slow the Spread of Cancers – WebMD published this piece about a German research project.

Survey of Medicinal Cannabis Use Among Childbearing Women – for those looking for information on cannabis use during and for pregnancy, the BCCCS took part in a this study. The research documented patterns of cannabis use in pregnancy and retroactive self-assessment of its efficacy against ‘morning sickness.’

Vaporization As a Smokeless Cannabis Delivery System – by Abrams et al.

Cannabis As a Substitute for Alcohol and Other Drugs: a dispensary-based survey of substitution effect in Canadian medical cannabis patients.

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