Check out some of our reports, articles and other publications. Also visit the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) website for reports and publications we have done in conjunction with other reputable compassion clubs.

Our introduction pamphlet is a great first resource for anyone new to the BCCCS.

This comprehensive booklet goes over everything we provide at the BCCCS.

The Safe & Effective Use pamphlet summarizes all the basics about safe and effective use of medical cannabis. It includes info on active ingredients, strains, modes of ingestion, dosage, side effects and safety.

The top ten reasons for choosing the BCCCS.

Guidelines for the Community-based Distribution of Medical Cannabis in Canada, co-authored with the Victoria Island Compassion Society (VICS). This is a great resource for those wanting to know about our best practices and model.

Operational Standards for the Distribution of Medical Cannabis.

A Roadmap to Compassion: the Implementation of a Working Medical Cannabis Program in Canada; a document we co-authored with VICS and Canadians for Safe Access (CSA).

Our Consensus Decision-Making Manual – our organization works using a form of decision-making known as consensus. We created this manual to share our experience with this organizing method.