The BCCCS has received a great deal of media coverage including documentaries, TV and on-line interviews as well as newspaper and magazine articles. Also see BCCCS press releases.

Regulating dispensaries without Health Canada – an interview for Cannabis in Canada.

The importance of strain names and terpenes in cannabis therapy – a comprehensive piece for Cannabis Digest.

High-concentration cannabis oil, legality and access issuesa CTV interview. This was where we debuted to the public our Compassion Oil: made with five organic strains of cannabis.

Standing up for medical cannabis dispensaries and sensible Marijuana laws – a piece on the stance of Vancouver’s Mayor and Vision Councillors .

A BCCCS Board member on accessing medical cannabis – an interview in the Vancouver Sun about also his providing help to others through his participation at the BCCCS.

Responses in CBC Radio and the Globe & Mail to Health Canada’s proposed changeover from the MMAR to the MMPR – by the BCCCS and CAMCD.

Our op-ed calling on Health Canada to include compassion clubs in their medical cannabis framework – in the Georgia Straight.

Accessing cannabis using tinctures – the Vancouver Sun interviewed one of our members.

Our Wellness Centre model – the Georgia Straight interviewed us about on how this model is subsidized with the sale of cannabis.

Up in Smoke – a piece by the BCCCS in L about the illusion of legal medical cannabis.

Reefer Madness 2 – David Suzuki created a special documentary on cannabis that included the BCCCS for the Nature of Things.

The model compassion club – Cannabis Culture talks about the BCCCS.

How our compassionate access model is a step ahead of the law – The Canadian Medical Association Journal printed one of the first articles on the BCCCS.