The British Columbia Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) opened its doors in 1997 with the vision of helping people suffering from a wide range of illnesses to gain access to clean, affordable, high-quality cannabis in a safe and supportive environment.

Since its humble beginnings, the Vancouver-based non-profit society has grown into a community-centered natural health care organization that provides high-quality cannabis and other natural health care services to over 9,500 members from a wheelchair-accessible storefront.

The BCCCS promotes a holistic approach to healing and living. We see community an integral part of that healing.

As Canada’s oldest and largest medical cannabis dispensary, the BCCCS has been a model for other compassion clubs across the country that together serve an estimated 40,000 people. For more information about how we operate, see our Operational Standards for the Distribution of Medicinal Cannabis.

As our credibility has increased over the years, the BCCCS has developed strong relationships within the larger community of healthcare organizations, educational institutions and community.

We are a politically active organization. Besides opening our doors, we give presentations, write reports and articles, do research and publish opinion related to our mission, vision and values.