PRINT: Visitor’s Statement

Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission & unique community health model through your cannabis purchases.

We know that diagnoses hold no prejudices, and that people of all kinds have come to require some form of access to cannabis. We also understand how difficult modern medicine can be to navigate, especially when living with an ailment, which is why we are widely known as a safe space of healing. 

We value Empowerment, and personal autonomy when it comes to an individual’s healing journey, as such, we are pleased to invite all Adult individuals aged 19+ to validate through personal affirmation of their reason for medical use of cannabis by submitting a copy of their photo ID along with a completed Visitor’s Statement.

Members of other Canadian compassion clubs, dispensaries or holders of USA state licenses may visit the BCCCS by submitting a copy of their photo ID along with proof of access or they may complete a Visitor’s Statement.

We require the visitor signature, acknowledging some basic rights and responsibilities, including declaration to not re-distribute the medicine, and for US visitors to consume medicine purchased from the BCCCS in Canada only.

To access our subsidized medicine, our wellness center and other services, visitors must become a Member of the BC Compassion Club Society.

Benefits to becoming a Member include:
Subsidized cannabis and non-cannabis medicine and services including out of province services
Access to a free monthly donation
Birthday and Member Appreciation Day Gifts
Entry to win valued prizes at Member Appreciation Events
Voting Rights at the AGMs
Opportunity to apply to the Board of Directors