Testimonial of J.L.

I have been HIV positive for the past 18 years. The AIDS virus is a debilitating disease which results in symptoms such as nausea, peripheral neuropathy (pain in my legs, hands and feet), indigestion, weight loss and insomnia. I have tried all of the prescription drugs available, and none have been nearly as effective as cannabis. Cannabis helps to keep my weight regular (thus enabling me to better fight my disease) by easing stomach upsets and boosting my appetite. It also works as a pain reliever and a sleep aid.

The BC Compassion Club Society provides with an emotionally and psychologically supportive environment where I can purchase my medicine. Here, the quality and price of the cannabis is controlled, and by purchasing through the Compassion Club, I am able to avoid street dealing activities which are often accompanied by violence, and which often result in the purchase of an impure product.