Testimonial of G.K.

I am 37 years of age, and I was born in Kitimat, BC. In January 1996, I was involved in a serious car accident which left me with acute back pain, depression, insomnia, nightmares and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have tried a wide array of prescription medicines, with which three possible results incurred:
A. The drugs were not at all effective,
B. there was a nominal effect accompanied by side effects, or
C. there was some effect in the short-term.

After two years of this, I was suffering emotionally and physically. Fortunately I saw a program on TV discussing the Compassion Club and the merits of cannabis as a medicine. Since joining the Compassion Club and starting to use cannabis I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my daily quality of life. Its ability to relieve stress and negative, suicidal thoughts is, in my case, nothing short of a miracle. Cannabis has also improved my ability to get to sleep by at least 70%, and it has also reduced the frequency of my nightmares. In addition, since I became a member of the Compassion Club in April 1998, I have witnessed the dramatic effect this plant has on sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

I hope you will find it in your wisdom to see that operations such as the Compassion Club need to remain an option for those who depend on the Club to provide a safe and positive environment to obtain their medication. In my own situation, without the Compassion Club I would find myself in a desperately hopeless situation.

In closing, I would happily volunteer to be used in any study, if needed, to research this wonderful medicine.