Testimonial of E.F.

I am suffering from both Hepatitis C and Bi-Polar Affective Disorder. The latter illness causes me to be in a constant state of stress and high anxiety, while the former results in various stomach problems such as pain, indigestion and appetite. I also suffer from insomnia. Cannabis helps me cope with my illnesses by reducing my stress and anxiety, and by stimulating both my appetite and sleep. In general, the use of cannabis allows me to experience laughter and joy in my daily life.

The BC Compassion Club provides a safe, clean and compassionate environment and enables me to avoid the street scene. The medicine I purchase there is less expensive than that on the streets and so I have more money to spend on food. The Wellness Centre that is part of the club gives me the opportunity to try new and very helpful therapies. I regularly receive Reiki, holistic counselling (emotional, psychological and nutritional counselling) and herbal remedies free of charge. In closing, I get my medicine from the BC Compassion Club Society because this I a place I feel wanted and useful.