Testimonial of C.T.

I suffer from changing and unpredictable stiffness and pain in my joints, lower back, neck and shoulders. This pain contributes to my insomnia (I often cannot get to sleep until 3-5 a.m.), depression and poor appetite. Cannabis augments the effectiveness of conventional analgesics and reduces the side effects I experience because of the analgesics (such as constipation, gas, cramps and a heavy feeling in my abdomen). The mild sedative effect of cannabis aids in attaining sleep. Cannabis is also effective in reducing mild to medium depression, and in stimulating my appetite, there by insuring some food/nutritional intake.

The BC Compassion Club Society is a convenient, honest, friendly and reliable organization that provides me with organic quality cannabis. I enjoy the comfortable drop-in centre atmosphere of the club, as well as their emphasis on natural, alternative and complementary therapies. I also appreciate being able to avoid the risk of violence by purchasing my medicine through the BC Compassion Club Society instead of on the streets.