Compassionate Voice Spring 2013
The Spring 2013 edition of the newsletter includes pictures from World AIDS Day 2012 as well as our Winter Party. Also included are updates to our position on the MMPR.
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Drug War Capitalism
Dawn Paley probes beneath the surface of the drug war in Colombia and Mexico. She explores the mechanisms employed, reports on the economic and human devastation, analyzes the possible reasons for continuing the war and suggests further areas of inquiry.
The Alternative World Drug Report: Counting the Costs of the war on drugs
After over 50 years, the current enforcement-led international drug control system is coming under unparalleled scrutiny over its failure to deliver the promised “drug-free world”, and for what the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) describes as its negative “unintended consequences” on health, crime, development and human rights. It is unacceptable that despite acknowledging these negative impacts, neither the UN nor its member governments have meaningfully assessed them to establish whether they outweigh the intended consequences.... [...More]
David Nutt: alcohol consumption would fall 25% if cannabis cafes were allowed
Former chairman of drugs advisory committee tells MPs Dutch-style 'coffee shops' would make people drink less
Vienna Declaration: Abandoning moralistic war on drugs becomes centrepiece of AIDS meeting
A Canadian-led initiative that calls on governments to abandon the moralistic war on drugs and adopt evidence-based drug policies has become a centrepiece of the International AIDS Conference. The Vienna Declaration – a scientific statement that argues the criminalization of drug use is fuelling the HIV/AIDS epidemic – has garnered a vast array of supporters, including Nobel Prize winners, political leaders, law-enforcement officials, public-health officials and community groups.... [...More]
Experts In UK Turn Against War on Drugs
Advocates of drug law reform had reason to celebrate today after public statements by senior figures in the medical and legal community suggested the argument was turning in their favour. The chair of the Bar Council argued in his most recent report that decriminalising drug use would have substantial public benefits, while the editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the UK's most well-respected medical publication, came out publicly in support of drug law reform.
Beckley Foundation Cannabis Coalition & Global Cannabis Report
The Beckley Foundation is a UK organization, the mainstay of their work being to direct and support world-class research into the practices used to alter our conscious states, and the policies that seek to regulate some of these practices. Their activities include:... [...More]
International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS)
The ICRS is a non-political organization dedicated to scientific cannabinoid research, ranging from biochemical, chemical and physiological studies of the endogenous cannabinoid system to studies of the abuse potential of recreational cannabis.
International Harm Reduction Association
IHRA is the leading organisation in promoting evidence based harm reduction policies and practices on a global basis for all psychoactive substances (including illicit drugs, tobacco and alcohol).
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy seeks to encourage open debate between educators, parents, law makers, law enforcement and students.
Cannabis Culture Magazine
Cannabis Culture is a Canadian magazine founded by activist Marc Emery devoted to the legalization of marijuana. The magazine often includes articles about the medicinal use of cannabis.
International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM)
The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines was founded in March 2000 with the aim of  advancing knowledge on cannabis, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and related topics especially with regard to their therapeutic potential.   The website has extensive resources on the medicinal uses of cannabis, research studies, and international law and politics, as well as articles from the CANNABINOIDS journal and the bi-weekly IACM newsletter, which compiles the latest medical, legal and political news from the world of medicinal cannabis.
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