Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathy is an especially difficult to treat type of pain characterized by tingling and burning of the extremities, common in HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. Cannabis can be effective in alleviating this type of pain.
Testimonial of JW
I injured my spine in 2003 and have suffered with chronic pain, with the addition of other medical conditions, in the ensuing years. The first several years were spent forever adding, increasing, and changing drugs, and a few futile attempts at nerve disruption but my quality of life sank in the process as did the functionality of much of my body.... [...More]
Testimonial of PWS
Helping with appetite is a must with type 1 diabetes. Not having food on schedule could be a disaster. Cannabis is the best way to control my appetite. Cannabis also supplies the fastest fix for nausea. (Good flavor is important here). I had retinopathy so bad i was walking around with a white cane and couldn't read. Today I drive my car and paint portraits for a living.  :) Retinopathy has vanished. Diabetes for 44 years now. I am healthy and strong thanks to cannabis and positive thinking.    
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