Chronic pain

Cannabis is especially useful in alleviating chronic pain and can help reduce the amount of pharmaceutical medication required to manage this type of pain.
Testimonial of R.L.
My name is Rob and I have been a member for almost 5 years now. I find the Po Chi good strong pain relief and it calms me down and helps me sleep too. I also had Reiki at the Wellness Centre with Edna for 2 1/2 years. I think the Compassion Club is a friendly place to come for support and we are all there for different reasons. Thanks, Rob
Testimonial of JW
I injured my spine in 2003 and have suffered with chronic pain, with the addition of other medical conditions, in the ensuing years. The first several years were spent forever adding, increasing, and changing drugs, and a few futile attempts at nerve disruption but my quality of life sank in the process as did the functionality of much of my body.... [...More]
Testimonial of RB
I have been a member since May 2005, and have over that time have had so much relief from my pain thanks to the people in distro as well as the wellness center. The medicine the club has is high quality and consistency, and the staff are always on the same high level of quality. The treatments in the wellness center are second to none.  A BIG thanks to all staff and fellow members for their support and friendship!
Testimonial of D.H.
I often experience nausea, neuropathy (pain in my feet, hands and legs), depression and lack of appetite because I am HIV positive. Without cannabis, I have to wait at least two hours after getting up before I eat because of nausea and a lack of appetite, and throughout the rest of the day I can only eat small amounts. When I smoke cannabis, however, the pain is bearable and I have an appetite. I get my medicine from the BC Compassion Club because they provide me with clean affordable cannabis (for free if I have no money) in an environment that is conducive to healing.
Chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, Nausea
Testimonial of C.T.
I suffer from changing and unpredictable stiffness and pain in my joints, lower back, neck and shoulders. This pain contributes to my insomnia (I often cannot get to sleep until 3-5 a.m.), depression and poor appetite. Cannabis augments the effectiveness of conventional analgesics and reduces the side effects I experience because of the analgesics (such as constipation, gas, cramps and a heavy feeling in my abdomen). The mild sedative effect of cannabis aids in attaining sleep.... [...More]
Testimonial of G.K.
I am 37 years of age, and I was born in Kitimat, BC. In January 1996, I was involved in a serious car accident which left me with acute back pain, depression, insomnia, nightmares and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have tried a wide array of prescription medicines, with which three possible results incurred: A. The drugs were not at all effective, B. there was a nominal effect accompanied by side effects, or C. there was some effect in the short-term.... [...More]
Testimonial of J.L.
I have been HIV positive for the past 18 years. The AIDS virus is a debilitating disease which results in symptoms such as nausea, peripheral neuropathy (pain in my legs, hands and feet), indigestion, weight loss and insomnia. I have tried all of the prescription drugs available, and none have been nearly as effective as cannabis. Cannabis helps to keep my weight regular (thus enabling me to better fight my disease) by easing stomach upsets and boosting my appetite. It also works as a pain reliever and a sleep aid.... [...More]
Chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, Nausea
Testimonial of M.M.
I have been suffering from the HIV virus since I was 1 year old. The treatment I receive to fight this disease is quite harsh; I suffer from insomnia, and I often have no appetite. In addition to HIV, I suffer from hemophilia. Cannabis helps me in several ways. It stimulates my appetite, helps me to sleep, and it relieves the pain of bleeding joints caused by my hemophilia.... [...More]
Testimony of Lester Grinspoon, M.D.
Mr. Chairman and members of the subcommittee, I appreciate the opportunity to appear before you this morning to share my views on the use of marihuana as a medicine.... [...More]
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