Cannabis is used to reduce pain and inflammation.
Testimonial of R.L.
My name is Rob and I have been a member for almost 5 years now. I find the Po Chi good strong pain relief and it calms me down and helps me sleep too. I also had Reiki at the Wellness Centre with Edna for 2 1/2 years. I think the Compassion Club is a friendly place to come for support and we are all there for different reasons. Thanks, Rob
Testimonial of JW
I injured my spine in 2003 and have suffered with chronic pain, with the addition of other medical conditions, in the ensuing years. The first several years were spent forever adding, increasing, and changing drugs, and a few futile attempts at nerve disruption but my quality of life sank in the process as did the functionality of much of my body.... [...More]
Testimonial of R.J.
My experience with cannabis and alcohol: ... [...More]
Testimonial of M.D.
I suffer from arthritis and glaucoma. Both these diseases are very painful, but through the use of cannabis I am able to control the pain and I can live a normal, full live; I am no longer bedridden and miserable. Cannabis is one of the least destructive and most effective treatments I have tried for my conditions, and I have also witnessed improvements in those with depression, cancer and AIDS. ... [...More]
Arthritis, Glaucoma
Testimonial of E.W.
In addition to being HIV positive, I suffer from Hepatitis B and C, arthritis, a peptic ulcer, a hyper thyroid and chronic depression. All of these conditions have debilitating symptoms such as wasting (extreme weight loss), night sweats, lethargy and pain. I also suffer side effects from the drugs I am forced to take.... [...More]
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