Our Cultivators

The people who cultivate cannabis for the BCCCS provide top quality medicine at below-market prices. Our cultivators represent a compassionate cottage industry.

All BCCCS cultivators are on contract to supply their product exclusively to us. We maintain enough contracts to ensure a supply of diverse strains and sufficient quantity in order to meet our members’  needs.

BCCCS cultivators participate in an interview screening process. The interview allows us to obtain more information about their cultivation and curing techniques, cultivation site, and  the people themselves. After a contract is entered into, site inspections allow us to ensure safety and quality standards and that additional contract requirements are also being met. It is also an opportunity to share cultivation advice and knowledge.

Our cultivators are engaged in civil disobedience, and risk getting arrested and charged. Court decisions in the past reflect an understanding of the right to access cannabis for medical purposes, and the necessary role of cultivators in providing medicine to those in need.

We greatly value our relationships with our cultivators, and their dedication to providing medicine to our members. They have shown great generosity by making donations so that we can occasionally provide free medicine to our members.

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