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May Long Weekend 2017 Hours

Friday: 11-6pm
Saturday: 11-5pm


Sunday May 21, 2017
Registration: 12:30pm
Meeting: 1pm – 3pm

First 30 Members in attendance
will receive a medicinal gift
upon registration!


The BC Compassion Club Society is a consensus-run, not-for-profit organization that meets the holistic healing needs of a large and growing community. As part of our services we operate a Wellness Centre and are looking for herbal apothecary relief. 

The position is relief/on call, likely about 1 shift per week in the summer and 1-3 shifts per month following. Flexible availability during the summer is a requirement. Starting wage is $16 per hour.

Job start date is June 26th 2017
Applications are due on May 26th 2017

Job Duties:

  • Dispensing herbal formulas including tincture blends, teas, oils, and flower essences
  • Quality control (including batch tracking)
  • Maintaining apothecary supplies including refilling, ordering, and recording inventory of herbs, supplements and supplies
  • Receiving and invoicing herbs from suppliers
  • Maintaining apothecary cleanliness (including washing glassware, dusting, etc)
  • Making herbal capsules

Desired Qualifications:

  • Clinical Herbalist training and/or experience
  • Experience dispensing herbal formulas in a busy apothecary
  • Available on short notice; flexible schedule
  • Working knowledge of European herbs and their material medica
  • Working knowledge of plants indigenous to and introduced to this area and their material medica

If you are interested in the position, please email Maryann Abbs for the application:
Submit a cover letter, resume and job application via email by Tuesday May 26, 2017.

 BCCCS Wellness Centre
Phone: 604-709-0448
For more information on our organization please check our website:

The BCCCS honours diversity in both its membership and staff and always encourages/prioritizes applications from First Nations, people of colour, people of all genders and sexual orientations.

To clients of the BCCCS Wellness Centre

Effective June 1, 2017, we will be raising minimum fees to $20 for sessions of all services offered in our Wellness Centre.  

At $10 a session, our fees fell far below the average cost  ($50-$150) to see private practitioners elsewhere who are offering the same healing modalities we offer. Our new fee charge is better reflective of the value of our services while still remaining accessible to most people.

This decision ensures we can accommodate our membership and maintain an option for sliding-scale fees when necessary. Please speak to your practitioner if this fee increase creates a barrier to accessing our services.

We want to acknowledge and send our appreciation to members who are able to contribute donations above the minimum fee charge, the value you place on our work aids in our community’s healing.

We are grateful to each and all of you for your continued support of the BCCCS.



We know that diagnoses hold no prejudices, and that people of all kinds have come to require some form of access to cannabis. We also understand how difficult modern medicine can be to navigate, especially when living with an ailment, which is why our unique community health model is widely known as a safe space of healing. 

This year, the BC Compassion Club Society celebrates 20 years in business! 

We are the only non-profit wellness centre & dispensary in Canada offering subsidized medicines and holistic healing services. We provide safe access to clean, tested whole plant medicine, unparalleled compassionate service, support & education to cannabis patients. Truly patient focused, we are proud of the work we put in to uplift and be a voice for our communities. 

We have been able to do what we do best, stand for patient rights when and where it matters, only because of the support of members like you! 


The BCCCS was established out of a need for harm reduction during an addictions epidemic and as cancer and chronic conditions were added to the list of diseases helped by cannabis, we were able to witness healing and resilience in our members for years to come. Mutually beneficial, early members were able to support new members by way of their own cannabis purchases. While the volume of incoming new members remains largely unchanged, the demographics of our new membership are predominantly late stage cancer patients over 55 years old. 

The basic landscape that has allowed our civil disobedience to exist has, in the last 4 years, quickly expanded into a complex and lucrative industry; the needs and voices of medical patients, sadly, are too often being drowned out by the sound of other dispensaries and providers cashing in. While cities like Vancouver attempt to regulate the sale of cannabis, distribution & possession are still federally illegal and the amount of resources required in taming this cannabis ‘wild west’ may not be procurable. This means that regardless of intentions to bring local bylaws into effect, for-profit cannabis businesses that operate under the guise of medicine will continue to exist until an opportunity or budget for enforcement becomes available. 

While we are not vocal supporters of recreational cannabis, we are vocal advocates for cannabis patients and we are supporters of transparency in business; we hope that matters to you as much as it does to us. 

As deep as our passion and desire is for our collective growth within this new landscape, at this time, we just cannot afford to invest in growth as we are in our 3rd year operating in a budgeted deficit. 

Between the cost of our 5+ year, unsuccessful Supreme Court challenge for all federal cannabis patient rights to tax-free medicine and the fact that any cannabis purchases are so widely available now, none of that profit that once went toward patient care in our wellness centre comes to us anymore. These two major factors hinder our ability to offer generous subsidies to those most in need, meaning the very real potential threat to closing our doors permanently. So we have to pinch our pennies and make hard decisions around which choices will benefit our members most. Our compassion for cannabis patient care clearly extends beyond our business bottom line and now we are asking for space at the bottom of your heart!

No other group of individuals has collectively worked for as long or as hard as we have in advocating for federally legal cannabis patient rights to safe, clean, tax-free medicine that can be accessed with dignity and respect — which is why, now more than ever we need your continued loyalty & support of our dispensary to keep our doors open!

As a society we are required by law to charge an annual membership, a minimum donation of $15 is requested, however, if you share our vision and are able, please consider increasing your donation to what feels comfortable to you.

Optionally, for those who want to support our passion for holistic healing through a supportive community, please consider supporting our model as a Visitor to our dispensary. 

Alternatively, a one-time donation – welcome at any time, even online can be gifted by non-members and members alike, and may remain anonymous if you so choose. A Legacy Gift names BCCCS in your will, please inquire with Front Desk for more info.

It’s time to be vocal about our reality, we are in dire need of your help for us to be seen, our work needs to be shared and our history needs to be heard!

We hope this resonates with you and we sincerely appreciate if you are able to contribute in any way toward our call for support.

In Loving Solidarity,

BC Compassion Club
Staff, Members and Board of Directors


Request for Proposal: Fundraiser

The BC Compassion Club Society is seeking a fundraising consultant to develop and implement a fundraising and/or marketing strategy to ensure the long term sustainability of the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre. The successful proposer will have excellent relationship building skills, grant writing, and marketing skills. Knowledge of the cannabis industry landscape is an asset.

Eligibility to submit:
To be considered and chosen for this project, consultants must demonstrate that they specialize in development and fundraising activities with a particular interest in non-profit organizations Consultants must be able to show that they have successfully completed services, similar to those specified in the Scope of Work section of this RFP.

The purpose of this project is to assist the BC Compassion Club to develop and implement a fundraising plan to fund the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre.

Contract Duration:
The BC Compassion Club Society intends to enter into agreements for Development and Fundraising for a one year period with the possibility of renewal for an additional year.

Proposal Schedule:
Release of request for proposal: April 18, 2017


About the BC Compassion Club Society:

The BC Compassion Club Society, a registered not-for-profit society, is a cannabis dispensary and holistic health centre. Our 20 year old organization is a unique model. All of the profits from cannabis sales go to support low cost or free holistic health treatments such as: acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, counseling, integrative energy healing, craniosacral therapy and bodywork. As such, we are one of the few points of access for affordable holistic health treatments in the Vancouver area. Our waitlists range from 1-2 years because of the scarcity of affordable treatment in this region.

While clients of the clinic are from diverse backgrounds, 95% are low-income, and live with a chronic health challenge. Many clients have mobility issues, and the clinic has worked hard to ensure that the whole space is fully wheel chair accessible.

The BC Compassion Club spends approximately $300, 000 per year to operate the Wellness Centre. Each year, we are able to offer more than 3000 subsidized appointments.

More information about the BC Compassion Club can be found at:

Please note that at this time the BC Compassion Club Society is not eligible for Charitable Status.