Our Staff

The staff of the BC Compassion Club Society work to put the club's mission, vision and core values into operation. The staff are responsible for the success of the Society's non-profit model, using a consensus-based, non-hierarchical model of collaboration. At present, the BCCCS employs 46 staff on a full-time, part-time and relief basis.
Dispensary staff are well-informed about the strains and products being distributed in order to support members with the most efficacious selection. Areas of staff knowledge include: effects of strain variety on different symptoms and conditions, dosage, potency, tolerance, ingestion options, safe use techniques, side-effects, and visual/tactile quality inspections.
On our Wellness Centre side, we employ 14 practitioners working in 9 natural health modalities, including two Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and two registered nurses.
Due to continuing unjust and outdated laws prohibiting cannabis and restricting access to medical mariuana, legally, the staff are engaged in compassionate civil disobedience on a daily basis, conscientiously breaking the law and risking arrest every day they come to work.